Audience Response System

An audience response system allows your audience to interact with your show or business. Imagine having a business presentation and you want to get an opinion from your viewers or audience about two or three products you are talking about. Or they can be different plans. Then you can ask them which of your plan or products they like best. Of course you can always ask them to raise their hand in accordance to the plan’s or product’s name or number but how will you get an accurate count of answers? You can’t go around counting all of the hands because it is a bit unprofessional and it can waste time.

Imagine the same scenario with a lot of audience members and you want to get their opinion on your ideas or products in mind. Now imagine that audience consists of over a 100 people. How do you expect to count al the responses if the responses are all in the count of 30s? You will have to waste a lot of time counting and recording down and the audience may be displeased with how you handle it. An audience response system will give them a little remote where they can press the button that corresponds to their favorite choice. This can save a lot of time and it is very professional and shows your audience how well you can handle your presentations.

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