Charter offers great television, high speed, and telephone service to any one that may need it. They are very well known and I have recommended Charter to many of my friends that are out looking for great high speed internet connections. Charter is now giving people the chance to win a 2009 Honda Civic Hybrid. Yes that is right, a car! You would have thought they are giving out just free service right? But how about a Full 2009 Civic Hybrid for the coming years. It will help you save on Gas and it will be a brand new car. You will not have to buy a new one for another while and this would be a great gift for your teenager if you already have a car.

Imagine you need television service or even high speed internet connection for your home, so you contact charter and you order. And you just entered yourself in their Win a 2009 Civic Hybrid sweepstakes. And then later on you get a call saying you won a brand new 2009 Honda Civic Hybrid. You just got a free car. You just got a great deal on TV or high Speed internet service, and you will keep on saving with the gas prices rising because since this is a hybrid, you will not have to buy as much gas and you will be able to go further. Nothing better than this if you ask me.


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