Today I will speak about CRM which stands for Customer Relationship Management. For every business, a customer is what keeps the business alive and running. Without customers, you have no sales, and without sales, there is no money or profit going into the business. And without any profit, a business isn’t a business at all. It’s just a place you manage or maybe even just a hobby. A good way to get great business with the same customer is to have a great relationship with the customer. Meaning, greet each otherwith happyness and talk a little. This builds up customer-merchant relationship and that highers the chance of the customer coming back. Lead management is also something that can go with your CRM. Doing marketing campaigns for your business will most likely generate a sales related leads.

Explaing a little about lead management, this is just how you handle and manage your leads. Leads are anything that can bring profit or sales for your business. Whether its through a sale or a referral. Most type of leads will bring profit and money into your business which can help it grow further. Increasing the sales revenue for the company or business can be converted from these sales leads.

You can also sell your leads. That can sometimes mean that you are selling your customer by pointing your customer to go to the business across the street from you. But you only do that if you profit. Never ever do it if you get nothing out of it, unless the other business is owned by your own business. Selling your leads will bring in more money together than your lead coming to you over and over again every few days or so. Companies do this to get extra and easy money to grow. Businesses are not easy to handle or manage or even own it. It takes work, time, and patience. I will post more about CRM and lead management as time passes by.

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