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Izea is a huge company working on making life easier for us bloggers. I have known about them for some time and I have used some of their services and you can bet I am very happy with it. Izea has recently brought out their own ranking system for blogs known as IZEARanks. If you are familiar with Google’s Page Rank system and you actually follow that, I say turn away and look towards Izea Ranks. Another name for Izea Ranks is Real Rank. And it is only for blogs so if you have a forum, sorry but hopefully they can do something about that in the future.

Izea Ranks works kind of like the page rank system but this actually makes sense. Page Rank dealt with just back links and after a while google just went against their own ethics when it came to their own page rank system. Izea does base it on Back links but not as heavily. They base their Rank system on your blog mostly based on your traffic. If you get a ton of traffic and visitors to your website, your real rank will be higher. Well actually, your real rank number will be lower but here, the lower the number the better it is for you and your blog. And they have a system where you can Call your blog a RR5 or Real Rank 5 and that means your blog is one of the top 50% of all blogs in their database. That is awesome.

I said RR5 because this blog is a Real Rank 5. It is my first blog ever that I have opened over a year ago and it has come far. My blog ranks top 50% in a huge database of other awesome blogs, it’s just amazing. I have been using Izea Ranks for some time now and I will recommend them to anyone with a blog. Just sign up and see where your blog stands against other blogs around the web. My rank is constantly increasing, make sure your blog isn’t too far away otherwise I’ll leave you in dust.

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