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Well today I’ll be telling you a little about Go Live Mobile which is a mobile marketing company trying to revolutionize the way you use your cell phone and the internet. Did you ever want to get information and do a bit of research from your cell phone’s internet? If you have tried that and if you have internet connection on your phone, you will know how hard it is to do that with small phones. But now Go Live Mobile’s mobile marketing ideas are changing the way you use some of your phones. They have something called Text-2-WAP Technology in the phones to help you out a bit.

A WAP Site is just a website fit so you can view on a cell phone. It’s not easy to view a huge site like microsoft and have it fit in your phone and navigation of course is extremely hard. But the WAP version is much smaller and easier to navigate. The Text-2-WAP Technology gathers certain information and content from Wikipedia and creates a Personal WAP site just for you. Then your search and information from Wikipedia is sent to you via a text message. That’s where the name Text-2-WAP comes from. The company is now trying to revolutionize how you use the internet on your phone. They have many other products and services along with articles telling you about what they have achieved so far and what they seek to achieve in the future.

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