Series 7

Ever wonder how you can become a stock broker? Well if you don’t know what a stock broker is, it’s just a person or a company that handles all your stock and share trading. Whether you want to buy or sell, it is always smart to run it by a stock broker so you don’t screw anything up or get any offers or sales confused. The Series 7 is just a big study guide for the Series 7 Exam. Don’t worry it won’t determine how you will do yet but it will help you out when you want to get your license or want to open up your own brokerage company.

Empire Stock Broker is a website that can give you all the guides that you need from any series. They provide online study guide to get your Series 7 License Exam. Get practice exams and get all the help and preparation you can get for that exam because look at it this way, if you pass and get your license, you will make a lot of money. There aren’t many stock brokers out there but those that are out there make hundreds of thousands to millions just for handling other people’s stocks. Imagine what you can do. Just check out and see what they can offer for you. I personally did give this career a thought but it is a lot of work and it does pay off so I am still deciding my final career as I attend college.

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