SocialSpark is the new and hot attraction out there for any blogger. If you are a member of Pay Per Post or PPP or even the Izea family, they have released the public version of Social Spark earlier and hope that it will be even bigger than pay per post. I am a member of Social Spark with another blog of mine and right now I am just experimenting with them and see how their way is. You can visit My Profile and really check out how they are making it all “Social” and it works great. It doesn’t have much but you can really customize with a lot of information so here is Ted’s Profile who is on my friend’s list.

I will keep on working with social spark hoping to find and make some more money. It probably will not be too much in the beginning but I am not trying to be a skeptic here. Right now Social Spark doesn’t have a lot of opportunities to grab and it makes you wait for the Opp so that’s probably one of the negatives and that’s why I’ve only made $5 something in the past 2 weeks. But again, earning whatever I can is a plus because I love blogging and I am blogging to make some money.

They are owned by Izea which is a huge company, the makers of Real Rank which is more fun than the old Google Page Rank so I trust Izea and their new plans and wish them good luck on this project and I know I will be a part of it, will you? Join up at today.

Note: This post is sponsored by SocialSpark.

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