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You can get your own virtual address and mail forwarding from And by Virtual I don’t mean over the internet but kind of like an address that points to the company and they forward your mail to where ever you may need it to be. This service will be excellent if you own an online business and you sell a lot of things over the net. Whether the products are being sold through your own shopping cart on your own website or if you are selling it through and auction site such as eBay or uBid.

If you own your business from your own home, you may not be able to store all your products on sale at home, especially if the products are big and space consuming. And if you also need some mail forwarding service, Shipito can offer you the same. This service costs just $50 a year which is less than $5 per month if you do the math. You will also have to pay $5.50 per mail out plus the shipping of the product if there was any. This can be good if you want your address to remain anonymous to others because you can’t know for sure what others may do when they get a hold of your address.

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