Online Time Capsule

Time capsules are normally used to store objects into a little capsule and burying it for later use. Perhaps the capsule will be opened a 100 or even a 1000 years from when you buried it and the people then will know what type of people you were and how you’ve changed the world today. You would be giving the future generations a taste of history. Well did you ever hear of a time capsule on the internet? If you haven’t before, well now you have because I am here to tell you about which is a website and an online time capsule. It is a pretty cool feature and many people have their products to be held for the next 100 years.

On The 100 year Website, you can upload your text, audio, video, and photos of yourself or anything else and have it held on that site for 100 years. Then it will be opened for everyone to see a 100 years from the day you submit. Now that’s pretty cool. After you submit they will send you a metal branded capsule that contains the certificate of ownership and log in details for your account so you can view what you have stored in the near future. Several UK Celebrities such as Kerry Katona, Danielle LLyod, abd Max Clifford have all signed up so far and they seek to get bigger. Will you store your information to be viewed a 100 years from now?

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