Various Kinds of Laptops

Laptops are mostly preferred by all kinds of users as it has been designed with the ability to offer high portability. Wherever you go, you can carry it with you. These types of notebook computers are very useful for persons those who travel frequently. Laptops can be classified into various groups. Listed below are the various types of laptops.

  • Gaming Laptops
    As the name indicates these laptops are specially designed for playing games. It has the potential to offer discrete graphics. This laptop has come with a 17 inches screen. With the support of these gaming laptops the user can play even 3D games.

  • Ultra portable Laptops
    Frequent travellers can prefer this type of ultra portable laptops. This type of laptops weighs just 4 pounds. The size of the keyboard and the screens are comparatively very small. You can send and receive mails with the support of internet. It has embedded with Intel Core Duo 2 Processor. The memory storage capacity of the unit has come with 512 MB.
  • Home Laptops
    These home laptops are suitable for home users. It has known by other distinct names like Mainstream laptops and mid range laptops. These note book devices are suitable for various environments like home, home office or small business entity. This device can be used for performing various tasks like e-mail, spread sheet, word documents etc. It has come with a screen which is 15.4 inches in size.
  • Cheap laptops
    People can buy these laptops at affordable prices. Therefore they are known as cheap laptops. It has been designed with the specifications like MS Windows XP Operating System, 512 MB memory, 60 GB Hard drive, graphics card, 14.1 inches screen and USB port.
  • Business and Workstation Laptops
    These kinds of laptops are designed exclusively for business activities. These laptops are made with strong materials like magnesium alloy and carbon fibre. It has equipped with high security features like TPM security and HD protection. These laptops have been made with the specifications like:
  • •  Intel Core Duo Processor

    •  MS Windows XP Professional

    •  1 GB Memory

    •  60 to 80 GB Memory

    •  Graphics card

    •  12.1 inch screen

    •  VGA Port and

    •  2 USB ports.

    Media Centre Laptops
    It is a kind of laptop which offers all kind of multimedia features. It can perform as a full time entertainer. It is possible to use this laptop as a television. This device has the ability to edit even video files. The added advantages of these kinds of laptops are:

    •  Speedy processors

    •  Huge screen width

    •  Strong graphics

    •  Hard drives etc.

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