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Why do people go to design schools? There are a few reasons but some of the common ones are, they love to design, they want to learn to design, or they want to get better at designing. There is more than one type of design so of course, there is more than one type of design school. You can’t expect to have just one category in anything. Even if you go into a career in law, you can do criminal or civil law and there are dozens of other branches. As for graphics, two very well known categories are graphic and interior design. Graphic designers basically work with computers and ad companies. Interior designers work with houses, apartments, and just work with making a place look better than it already is now. And interior design schools actually have rankings. The interior design schools ranking system is cool and a way for letting people know what school is best.

Rankings for most design schools and categories are given by the Almanac of Architecture and Design. They list the top interior design schools around the whole world. So you don’t have to worry about staying in the United States to do your learning, you can go abroad and do it if you have the motivation to go. But one thing I’d like to mention from the top list is that two out of the top five are right here in New York. They include Pratt Institute and Cornell and I am proud to say that I live in a state that has excellent schools like that. But you just have to do your research even if design isn’t for you.

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