Direct Stafford Loan

As you may know, I am starting my college life next week and trust me when I say this, college is VERY expensive. But I believe that a college education is necessary to get a great job and get more opportunities. People with a college degree tend to make double those without a college degree or just a high school diploma. Even an associates degree will help you out in one way or another with your future career. The direct stafford loan is a type of scholarship even though you will have to pay the money back later on. Their interest rates are incredibly low and very affordable.

I was advised to take out the stafford college loan for myself for college but I had to refuse this semester. I have worked at my job the past year and I have saved up enough to pay for college at least one term and that’s my plan for now. And I know that the stafford loan is always there for me if I change my mind as they rarely turn people down for their loans. They only do this to help out students and they know that helping students now will pay off in the future.

If you don’t get full scholarship and sitll need money, you can take out a student loan anytime you wish. You won’t have to worry about paying back until after college and that’s why I like this type of loan. Good luck to all those starting out college just like I am.

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