American Idol

American Idol as most of you know it, is the most popular and most watched television show in the United States. It is coming up on its next season which is a few months away. American idol 7 will be just as great and funny as any other season. I’ll admit that I am not the biggest American Idol fan but in the last few seasons, I’ve grown to watch the show a bit more. I usually only watch the beginning, the part where a lot of people make fools of themselves and I find that hilarious and I watch near the end when more people start voting for their next American Idol than people have voted for their last 2 presidents.

Here is a history of American Idol. The show American Idol is not original as most of you may think. It is a copy of the British show Pop Idol that takes place in the United Kingdom. The last I heard, that show was still running. Many countries have copied Pop Idol and American Idol to get rating for their country channel and fame to their country. One example is the new Canadian Idol which has already been up for about five seasons. Another example is India’s Famous Indian Idol where the number of votes there match up to the numbers of votes to the American Idol because of dense population. India is one of the most populated country in the world and they use that as an advantage to get popularity.

American Idol has been successful and will continue to be even more successful if it keeps up. If you are an American Idol fan then you are in luck because the show no signs of ending.

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