Reno 911!

I am pretty sure most of you are familiar with the Comedy Central show called Reno 911. It is basically about cops that can’t do their job the right way. Always messing up and costing the city more and more money in damages. And I am sure that those Reno 911 fans are aware of the new Reno 911! Miami The Movie that will come out very soon. It is no surpise that a popular series as this to come out with a movie. Thats just more entertainment for the viewers.

Well today I have played a game on the Reno 911 dvd website called Calling All Units. I am an avid gamer so I thought this would be an easy game to win and conquer but I was wrong. Calling All Units require driving skills and I love driving and all racing games but this one was tough. Just like the characters in the show, the character in the game has low driving skills. So when turning you turn either too much or two little. I have crashed many times and have only reached my destination once. On the top left corner of your screen it shows the cost of the city you have caused and how much money you made called your salary. And also a bust in bonus that you get for meeting your point.

I have cost the city $58,000 in damages and have only made $19,200. But received $10,000 for bust in bonus which is pretty good. The Reno 911! Miami unrated dvd release will have jam packed action of these “cops” that can’t really do their job. It is always funny to watch others screw up or do stupid things. If you like comedy them Reno 911! is probably good for you.

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