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I like all types of movies. Horror happens to be one of my favorite genre of movies. I like movies that can scare me since I don’t get scared so easily. There are always horror or scary movies coming out every year. A new movie coming out is called Halloween the movie which is released August 31st everywhere in the United States. It was writen and directed by the great Rob Zombie. One of my favorite scary movies of all time is Freddy vs. Jason. It is party thriller and part horror and that’s a winning combination for me. Halloween the movie is similar to that and that’s why it grabs my attention so much.

The trailer is already out and under this paragraph, is the youtube video trailer of Halloween the movie. It seems to be great and Rob Zombie is known to make some awesome horror flicks. So if you don’t think this movie is for you, you can click play and watch the trailer right here before going to theaters. And if you think its too scary for you, take someone with you that can comfort you.

As you can see from the trailier, a lot of money has been spent on trying to make this movie as good as it can get. If you are having trouble with viewing the video, just visit youtube and search Halloween the Movie Trailer. Something will come up for sure.

Well I hope this post help you decide on whether this is the right movie for you to watch. I’ll probably watch it since its 2 days after my Birthday.

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