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I have two credit cards so I am not going to call myself a big credit card advice. But I do have experience with getting them and knowing which one works for me and I am here to tell you about them. I have a Master Card that was given by my bank when I first made an account with them and it seems to be pretty good. More places accept that card unlike most other credit cards. There are also some cards out there that offer 0% balance transfers. It just means that you can transfer your balance on that card elsewhere and then enjoy a long interest free period. It is pretty clever and it is being more widely used among credit card holders.

Well I now have a new credit card from American Express. I had to compare credit cards from different companies before going with this one. And also my father and mother both have American Express and they have given me the tip to get that credit card. They offer many rewards for purchases and eventually get free miles to travel anywhere in the United States or even the whole world, assuming I spend enough money of course. If you want recommendations from me, I’ll tell you to forget about the other cards and just give these two your mind and compare these to see which one will fit you best.

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