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I am happy to say that I recieved my second official credit card today from American Express. If you want the number, check back in 4 years when my card expires. Well anyway, this post is about credit cards and I will tell you a little more about a few of these and their features. Finding a good gas credit card can be difficult especially when you have to many to compare to. You have the American Express, Discover, Master Card, and of course Visa which is more widely excepted. But comparing these credit cards can be difficult without help. So it is always recommended to get some advice from friends and read some internet reviews.

Getting a cash back credit card is something most Gas Cards these days come with. Cash back credit cards just gives you a certain pertentage of your purchase back into your pocket. So if the cash back is 15% and you spend $100, they will put $15 back into your card and you can see that as an extra discount. And of course if your question is, what if I have bad credit? No problem! There are some companies out there willing to give credit cards for bad credit so you have nothing to worry about. But if you do have bad credit, do anything possible to make your credit points a little bit higher or seek help if you need it. It just doesn’t look good towards you but either way, good luck finding the right credit card for getting gas for your car.

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