New Gamers Forum Arcade

I am sure you are aware of my already Gamers Forum Arcade but just a few hours ago, we have upgraded the software to something bigger, better, and faster than ever before. We have still 50 games but this one will allow us to add on a few more games and make the members a bit happier. We are now able to hold tournaments consisting of eight (8) members and if you are intersted sign up and start playing because You will need practice with our all star players already on the forum.

The arcade is out hoping to improve the already high popularity of the arcade. Over 5,000 arcade scores have been converted when the conversion took place. The arcade will be bigger and better than ever before so sign up and start playing. Enter out competitions and show off to everyone that you are better than them. The arcade url is so jon up anytime and enjoy. Please remember that you need a minimum of 10 posts to start playing the arcade.

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