Gohov is a new Social networking website with their catch phrase and motto as Gohov Learn More. They help college students get together and find where they can get a ride to and from a place. If it is to a concert I am sure many people will be going there and you may not have a ride, you can look up some people that may be able to give you a ride and you can all become some great friends.

You can either look for a ride or if you are free to offer rides to other people, you can post your own ride. Note that this is only open to college students and recent alumni so if you are still in high school, don’t try to fool the system because it will find out. You need to have an email address under your college’s name that ends in .edu which isn’t easy for high school kids to get their hands on. They are running a launch promotion where you can win a free iphone or a $50 gas card.


New online social network helps college students connect to find and share rides

Gohov.com launches its new online social network for college students looking to create and share rides with friends and other students. Whether students are seeking a lift to a local concert or sporting event, a ride back home for the holidays, a designated driver for the night, or a way to save money on gas, Gohov.com will help them safely and easily find a ride to share.

Gohov.com allows students to search for rides by their college and/or surrounding schools, or by their interests. Those looking to create a ride can either share it privately with friends or post it to the entire Gohov.com community.

The Gohov.com service was designed to provide today’s savvy college student with an easy way to connect with other students through ride sharing. In addition, Gohov.com is dedicated to the safety of all student riders and drivers. The site features viewable user profiles and a user ride rating system, giving students the ability to review potential passengers or drivers and decide on whom is best to ride with.

Gohov.com will also be actively involved with colleges nationwide and local communities co-sponsoring designated driver programs and providing students with detailed information on how to start Safe Ride Programs at their schools.

Students joining today are automatically entered in our launch promotion where they can possibly win an iPHONE or $50 gas cards.

For information: http://www.Gohov.com or
Contact: info@Gohov.com
Phone: 917-757-9528

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