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I use the google toolbar in two out of the three main browsers that I use. It came free with firefox. Well it is free because I don’t have to pay for it but free meaning it came along the firefox download when I downloaded firefox. With Internet Explorer, I had to download the IE version of it to keep track of it all. I use firefox and Internet Explorer equally and then Opera browser comes into play sometimes. They are all great and the google toolbar helps me keep organized and helps me search faster.

I am not saying that typing in is hard but it does take a few seconds to type and then to load the page all over again and then type in your search. With the tool bar I skip the first two steps and just type in the search in the tool bar and click go. The tool bar also tells me about the Pageranks of all the sites I visit and I play attention to PR whether it matters or not. I guess I picked up a habit and if you are one to follow pageranks of sites, then the google toolbar is probably the best bet of checking.

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