There are many search engines on the web but none that are special and unique like Spock search engine is. Spock is not a new search engine yet not many people use it. You don’t type in keywords here to get the listings for your favorite website. But lets say you had a friend in kindergarten and you wanted to know what he was up to. You remember his full name and even where he lived at one point but had lost contact with him. You can search his name on Spock and check if any results come up. Yes that means Spock is a type of People search engine where you can search for your friends and family all around the internet. If they are listed somewhere, they are likely to be found on Spock. And you could re unite with your kindergarten friend.

I have searched for my name and surprisingly, it had found me and I was on the front page. I am a very private guy and I don’t like to share my name and address and stuff with others on the internet. But with a simple face book registration I had done years ago, it actually listed me on the front page with my face book profile picture. It was pretty cool. I will not state my name here so you can search because, well, I am still a private guy. You can search for your name or friends. And in your search for friends, your name may come up because it can find you through associates as well. I found myself by searching a friend and it was pretty weird and cool at the same time but I’m glad I Found Spock. Now I won’t have to look at the Yellow Pages first to see if the person is listed in the phone book. That could take ages to find.

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