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I am a huge fan of the internet. All the different sites that I own should be some proof that I actually love the internet. I don’t think I could actually go a day without internet. I have gone several days without internet in the past decade due to black outs and it drove me crazy. If it were to happen now for a week, I’d go crazy. I like the internet so much, it is on my phone and every computer I have at home including several working laptops. But if happen to go in a remote area where there is no sign of wired internet, I would probably go crazy. If you live in a place where there is not a lot of internet connection or any internet at all, you should think about looking at good internet satellite providers because if you can’t have wired internet, you might as well go for the next best thing, wireless and satellite.

It is very important to have steady connections. Satellite internet can give you internet where you wouldn’t think it was possible. Some phones may not even get reception in the places satellite internet is promised to. And unlike the old dial-up days, your download speeds here will be so much faster.

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