If you are thinking I am trying to post about how you can set up your own computer to serve as a VPS or Virtual Private Server, then you are mistaken. It is just to tell you about what it is because hopefully I plan to do that with my own server so I can separate the resources for one thing and another to avoid collision of any sort. Hopefully I can learn that quickly and hopefully it won’t cost me a lot of money or any money at all.

A VPS is like a server, well it actually is a server, it is a virtual server. If a server has 2 gigabytes of RAM, you can set it so you have 4 customers on that server getting 512 MB of RAM each. And 4 times 512 mb is 2 gigabytes. It is efficient and it is a great way to make sure one person’s work never interferes with someone else’s.

If I cannot set this up I may actually get a VPS myself from an external company since it is cheaper than a dedicated server and if problems with hosting keeps on occurring, I may have no choice.

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