Direct Marketing

As you may know there are many types of marketing in the world. Some examples include: Mortgage marketing, consumer marketing, and business marketing. They all mean the same thing but for different types of individuals or parties. All these together can be known as direct marketing. That is the transaction between individual and business. There are many direct marketing comanpies out there. Microsoft can be seen as a Direct Marketing Company because they sell their products to the public directly via internet or stores. This is also known as business marketing.

Mortage marketing has to do with real estate. When you try to take a loan on that house you always wanted to buy, mortage marketing can be used as the noun for it. Doesn’t necessarily mean that it always goes. Consumer marketing consists of all shoppers. Everyone in the world is a consumer because they all buy or consume things. They go to stores and buy food, thats consumption.

There are many forms of marketing but I am most familiar with the three mentioned above so if you get a question in your economics class regarding differ types of marketing, you know what to say so good luck.

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