A Goth Dating Site

I am pretty sure that you have seen many different types of Dating sites on the internet and they all differ in themes, location, language, and more. Well this one I stumbled upon and found it pretty interesting. It’s a Goth Dating site called Darkyria.com : Love Different. Goth really isn’t a religion if that’s what you are thinking but it’s usually when they like everything dark, sinister, and dark and metal Music. Usually people that love heavy metal can be found here because of all the screaming and the hardcore music.

If you are goth and you need a goth friend to date, well you know where to go now. I do like heavy metal but not enough to be called a goth myself. The site’s name is Darkyria and that’s why it caught my attention. At first it just sounded like a video game but once I entered the site, I knew what it was all about. Their site looks pretty cool, the design is excellent and they have a huge memberbase. This is a site that is looking forward to succeeding.

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