I am a man of the brain and I love it when I am able to solve things and do things with my brain that other people can’t. Whether it is to solve complex calculus equations or type a hundred words per minute on the computer. I recently came across a website that can actually help people measure their cognitive abilities and show them what they should work on. I obviously found it very interesting and fascinating and I am about to sign up to it to see how well I do against others. I know I will do well but I want to do awesome, if you know what I mean.

If you are up for trying this out yourself. Visit I will definitely be trying it out to see how well I do. I am actually signing up as I am writing this blog post, I hope to start my first exercise, or whatever it is that they have on their web site in the next five minutes. Hopefully it’s good and something tells me that it will be. So I am a bit excited to try it out. If you are a brain person yourself, like I am, be sure to check out and give it a go yourself. Have fun!

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