Every had toothache in the worst time and place or a filling even fell out? Well I have had a toothache when I was giving an oral presentation at my Social Studies class in the seventh grade and it was so horrible. I almost started crying, I’ll admit that part at least but I was a kid. My filling was acting up and it was causing pain. I couldn’t even speak but I had to suck it up and do the presentation anyway. I was able to tell that people were aware of my pain and it was pretty embarrassing. Later on that day I had to go to my dentist to get a temporary dental repair for that tooth until the following Saturday. That was the time my regular dentist would be available. Dentemp OS is a product out to help you prevent what I had experienced.

Dentemp OS is just a little strip you put over or under your teeth to hold the teeth or filling in temporarily until you can get professional help from you dentist. Too bad this wasn’t available for me when I had my little mishap. That just shows you how unlucky and Old I am getting these days. Well anyway, this works within 60 minutes and if this was available, I never would have had to make two trips to my dentist, just one and that would be the one to my own dentist to fix everything while the dentemp helped my pain. And the best part, you can eat with it.

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