Drug Problems

This again is one of my off topic posts where I talk about something that bothers me and maybe you or someone you know. Drugs are something that can be good for you and sometimes bad for you. Good drugs are the ones your doctor or physician prescribes or tells you to take over the counter. Bad drugs are things that you think will make you feel cool or something that just screws up your mind. It can be addictive and there are many drug rehabs out there that can help people addicted to drugs. Drug addiction is a major problem of our society.

I have seen people addicted to drugs on the streets and it does disgust me sometimes to see what they do. But recommending them to go see a doctor or a drug rehab program to seek help can always help you feel better and even make them feel better and get out of the addiction. If you are addicted or know anyone addicted to those bad drugs, you can always get help and don’t ever look back. Good luck to you and others. Something off my chest.

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