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Pain is something every human in the world should feel. If you don’t feel pain, either you are superman or you have a serious problem with paralysis or you have no nerve cells. I have broken my leg before when I was a kid playing soccer. I was about 5 or 6 years old so don’t expect me to tell you in exact detail to how that happened. I just assume I was scissor kicked and I fell. My right leg bone had a long hairline fracture and I had a cast on for about eight or nine months and I missed my whole first grade experience. But it was ok and I have to tell you that the pain was excruciating and I still remember the pain because even now, if I twist my leg suddenly or I kick a soccer ball with that part of my leg, it still stings. But too bad back then there was no Freeze It Gel to help me out. Freeze It helps relieve pain from the joint and muscles much better than others and I have heard some great things about it.

I have just told you how that I still feel pain sometimes so I am just afraid if the fracture reopens. But I know that’s not bound to happen but sometimes the pain is bad enough to make me feel six years old again and cry all over again. Well Freeze It is known as an advance form of pain relief therapy and from what I’ve seen so far, it seems to be more advanced than advance itself. It can help people with arthritis, with sore muscles, and muscle strains. If you had a tough work out at the gym the day earlier and your muscles are killing you, this could work just as great on that as it would on my broken leg. I did try to find a picture of my x-ray of the fracture in my bone but it was no where to be found. If I do find it later on, I’ll be sure to follow up on this.

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