Police Gear

I do want to be a lawyer when I get older with a degree and getting out of law school. I take some law classes at college at the moment and I have a ton of classmates that want to be a police officer or other parts of law enforcement. They already know that they have to spend money to buy 5.11 Tactical gear for themselves for their work day.

My professor is a retired Sargeant and he knows a lot about being a police officer and the type of gear you need. You can’t expect to stop a bank robber with wearing a tanktop and shorts. If shot, you’re as good as dead. But having maybe a camaflouge shirt so you can sneak up behind the criminal through the grass, that could be a bit more worth it. Before doing any job, there is a certain type of gear you should wear before going there, you just have to be extra careful if you want to be a cop.

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