Send a special message to a special girl

If you find it hard to tell you loved one what she means to you, why not say it with flowers instead of word. The hidden meaning of flowers have been used to communicate with loved ones through the centuries and the importance of flower meaning reached its peak during the strict Victorian Era when it was very difficult for loving couples to engage in private conversation. Many books were published explaining the cultivated and wild flower meaning to the Victorian audience. If you want to the hidden flower meaning to send really intricate messages, it is best to make sure that you and your girl are using the same book, otherwise misunderstanding and confusion can occur. If you do not own the same book, it is best to stick to save and well-known flower meanings. The rose meaning is for instance known to most of us and there is little difference between the various flower language books. Red roses are a strong symbol for passionate love, while pink roses are more flirtatious to their nature. White roses signify virtue and purity, while yellow roses are commonly used to express friendship and loyalty. Combining red and yellow roses in the same bouquet implies love, joy, cheerfulness and excitement. The modern rose colours blue and black stands for mystery and death/farewell, respectively. The blue rose can also mean “attaining the impossible”.

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