Website reveals underside of senior care home

As the US population ages, more and more seniors are seeking assisted living. Financial scams against older people are on the rise. A study by the Metlife Mature Market Institute showed that $2.9 billion was lost to swindlers by people over the age of 65 in 2010. This amount had increased by 12 percent over 2008.
Many seniors are resorting to background checks on the owners and operators of elderly care homes such as Calvine Elderly Care Home. A care home may look nice, but have an underlying history of financial or legal trouble. A new website exposes one such example.
/*/ lists more than 15 legal problems with John Nita?, Elena Nita?, and the Calvine Elderly Care Home they operate. Legal troubles including unpaid bills, labor violations, and the lack of basic business insurance or bond to protect care home guests. An anonymous person who had an “unsatisfactory financial transaction with the couple”, created the website that shows what basic background information may reveal about a seniors care home.

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