Work Wear

Most work places will require you to wear certain type of work wear or equipment. I worked at a library at one point of my life and I had to wear a t-shirt provided by the library and valid work shoes. What I mean by work shoes is sneakers and work boots were allowed. No high heels for anyone and must wear appropriate clothing. Cannot show excessive skin or get fired.

If you get a decent job at an office, will you wear shorts and a t-shirt to work? Of course not! You will wear a shirt, pair of slacks, and nice shoes. You want to be noticed but not laughed at. Wearing professional attire such as a suit will make you look professional and let everyone else know that you mean business. Places like metboots offers some good footwear for wherever you want to work. Whether it’s in an office or in a bowling alley, they have what you need with free shipping over $100 purchase. You can look at men’s warehouse for suits and nice shirts and slacks. Just go around and pick out what fits the job description. Good luck!

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