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The Free of State website is also known as the Stateless Society Website where it has its only goal of educating and informing everyone about liberty and it tries to help people open their minds about society without external controls. Because if you look around you now, there is always something controlling your thoughts and actions, whether they are the political powers telling you who to vote for or if it is about the gas prices going up and down, society is being controlled by these external forces and you suffer because you are part of this great society, and the objective of the Free of State website at has a goal to help you open your mind and help anyone else open their mind about society without external controls.

Currently the strongest external force that drives all of society these days is probably war. War driven by a profit driven government like the United States and many other countries. They only want what’s good for them and they use society and all their control and power to actually control society itself. You can go to for more information on how you can be informed and educated about how you can see what is really going on around you.

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