Advertising on Blogs

Advertising on blogs can be a huge way of getting a great backlink along with a good amount of traffic. Blogs are a huge source of information for the whole internet community and people just like to visit blogs and see what is in them. Advertise on blogs that has a pretty good pagerank or has a decent amount of traffic.

A tip if you will advertise on other blogs, don’t advertise if it has not been updated for about three weeks. Meaning no post has been made for the last 21 days. Many say that inactive blogs are blogs without posts for a month but I disagree and put my own time there. I say from two and a half weeks to three weeks.

Try to advertise on blogs with the name niche or category as your site or has a category within the blog about your site’s category. It only helps with SEO and pageranks.

More tips will come soon enough so be sure to check back.

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