Creating Graphics takes talent and lots of it. I have done a lot of graphics work myself and honestly none of them even come close to the worse work of some of the provessional Graphic Designers out in the world. Their keen sense of colors, layering, and just knowing what goes where beats me by at least a thousand miles and it is the same deal with Programming for me. I have never grasped the skills or even knew if there is a secret to getting it all right. But I will keep on trying and hopefully get as good as any professional graphic designers.

Designing can do anything relating to designing such as an engineer would do or a person designing a new kitchen, but here, I am talking about all tech and gadets with programs such as Adobe Photoshop, Macromedia Fireworks which is now known as Adobe Fireworks, and of course the free software known as Gimp. I have used all three and so far I have found photoshop to help me the most since it’s more organized in one window and I guess it just fits what I need. If you really do try, you can be a professional graphic designer in no time. You can say, I am giving myself advice by writing this post.

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