External Hard Drives

These days having a huge 200 GigaByte hard drive in your CPU just isn’t enough. And even when you addon your second internal hard drive, you can’t seem to fit all your files. So that’s why the technological world has produced the External Hard Drives. These are hard drives you can carry with you almost anywhere and these are generally small and portable. These can hold space of up to 1 TeraByte which is equal to 1,000 GigaBytes. That’s a lot of space.

I have an external hard drive and it is called ROCK Mobil Disk. It is the size of my Cable modem and I can actually fit it into my jacket pocket. I wish I could fit it into my pant pockets but I simply don’t have that much room. If you think you will need more space for your pc, you may want to think about getting a separate external hard disk because these are portable and you don’t have to worry about lost info or memory issue or a crash because these are safe and can be used on any computer as long as there is an USB port.

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