iPod Nano – Next Generation

THe next gernation of iPod Nano came out not too long ago and Apple is just getting better and better at making the product much smaller but much more better. Now it is almost half the size of the previous iPod Nano and holds about the same and double the space. The new nano can now hold videos just like a regular sized iPod video without the extra size.

You can get the new ipod at the apple store or anywhere else that sells tech products such as MP3 and CD players. The space on these can go from 4 gigabytes to 8 gigabytes. About double the space of my old version of the iPod nano and quadruple the space of the first generation iPod nano. Price is also cheap and affordable because price starts at just $149 for this new machine and makes it to many people’s most wanted list for gifts this coming holiday.

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