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Ever wish there was a store for all your media needs? Well if you live in South California you don’t have to look too far since you have Super Media Center. Here in New York we have a ton of stores but it’s not anything like Super Media Center. They put all technological products and accessories together and here, you have to go to several stores to get what you need. If you need a cheap HP toner or iPod you just have to go to the same store.

It is a shame there isn’t a branch around here but it’s a good thing that they ship. Their site at has all their listings and everything they offer. They ship their products via UPS Ground so if you live in the United States you are in luck because ground shipping is available almost anywhere in the country. And so far I’ve checked out a few products that interst me and so far, they all have free ground shipping so you already know that this site is intersting me and getting my attention more than other sites. Wonder what I can buy.

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