Mobiles – A gradual development in Technology!

The previous models of mobile phones available in the markets were too big to hold. Day by day, this mobile industry gradually grew by leaps and bounds in the past thirty years. It has been melded in distinct ways with respect to the physical aspects as well as functional aspects. Manufacturers have been increased their innovations in various aspects. The idea to develop a mobile phone was created in 1940s. The mobile technology was initially used in boats to communicate the arrival to the coastal people.

1G technology
This is broadly known as ‘First Generation’ mobiles. This “1G” technology was initially introduced among the public in 1983. Motorola did this achievement for the usage of public. 1G mobile was equipped with analogue technology. The disadvantage of this technology was less reliability. Then they were very static in nature. It had suffered by noise interference and huge size. Most of these 1G mobiles were often used in automobiles. They were always attached with the floorboard of vehicles like cars.

2G Technology
As the 1G mobile were availed with the criticisms like high cost, insecure communication, voice traffic etc, the second generation mobiles were introduced during the year 1990. In this decade, the new arrival of digital technology had started to pick up. These technologies had made certain advancements like quietness and speed in getting the connection. With the support of digital technology, it became widely popular among the users. They needed small batteries for getting power supply.  

3G Technology
This technology has the ability to offer certain enhancements in this mobile industry like transmission of emails, instant messages, Bluetooth, infrared, GSM, GPRS etc.

4G Technology
4G mobile phones are under production to make the broadband utilities a little bit faster in the fourth generation technology. Surely it will be a big achievement in the mobile industry with a wide range of features that excel the 3G mobiles.  

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