Portable Scanner

Years ago when we had to make a copy of a certain document, we would have to retype the whole thing if you used a type writer or go back to the original computer for the document to print again. Then came the copy machine which are huge machines that you have to place the paper and through clever light technology, it can copy any document put in there. Then came the scanner that allows you to copy any document in your hand and put it straight into your computer for easy editing. Now the portable scanner is out and you can literally take it with you anywhere you want to go.

The ScanShell 200NR is an example of a great portable scanner. If you own a business and you get business cards often, you can carry this with you and scan all the business card received from your affiliates or soon to be affiliates and save it straight into your computer. This is especially good if you are running out of space in your wallet. There is also a software available for Microsoft Outlook so you can send the scanned items to yourself and be just as well prepared as the next business when it comes to knowing what goes where.

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