Pros of Plasma TV

Plasma is a well known display technology used in television. It is usually ultra-thin in size. Plasma televisions are very comfortable to hang on your walls. They have been designed with flat panel technology. In this type of display technology, phosphors are used for creating light to display images on the TV screen. This technology is composed of cells or glass compartments. These cells are spread with neon and xenon gas. When these particles get charged by electricity, the light glows automatically. The gas has the ability to produce green, blue and red phosphors.

Pay a little bit more, but worthy!
The prices of the plasma televisions are more expensive than the other display formats. But the amount you have spent on it will be worthy. You can expect quality display as well as long life. The latest pieces of plasma televisions have come with the long display life up to 60,000 hours. If you view your plasma 2 to 3 hours everyday, you can get long life up to 65 years.

Brightness and contrast advantage
Most of the plasma televisions have been criticized for the over production rate of contrast and brightness options. When you have high rate of brightness as well as contrast, the life span of your plasma may reduce gradually. To overcome this crisis, it is better to have proper settings of contrast and brightness. Make use of the manual while you set the display features manually. It is advisable to set two distinct display settings for night viewing as well as day time viewing.

Importance of Aspect ratio
It is important to check whether there is an ‘aspect button’ existing in your remote control. It is because the button has the ability to do wonders on the screen while you get side bar image retention. By using this aspect ratio button, it is easy to switch between two distinct aspect ratios like 16:9 to 4:3. The viewers can avoid black as well as grey bars by using the aspect ratio button.

Wall mounting facility
The main reason for buying plasma television is to get the benefit of wall mounting. Most of the high end models have come with the ability to mount on the wall like a painting. But you have to pay a little bit to have a wall mounting plasma television.


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