Rewritable Disks

If you want to transfer some files from one computer to another but don’t have an external hard drive or LAN connection set up, you may have some problems. Of course if you have regular CDs, you can always burn the CDs from the computer the files are primarily on and then reopen them on the secondary computer that needs the files. But you could be wasting a CD unless it is a Rewritable Disk.

A Rewritable CD will allow you to erase all data on the CD and still keep the amount of space on it without any disturbance. You can use one rewritable cd to transfer hundreds to thousands of files assuming you burn and delete the files on the cd a few times. This type of a CD costs more but trust me, it is worth it. I have about five of them and that’s all I really need. But now I have an external hard drive to do some larger file transfers.

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