Don’t Spam Your Name

I have owned Gamers Forum for quite a while to know how some people just make a fool of their site and just give it a bad name just by going to other forums and spamming the name. Posts like “visit this site” or “go here” and that seems to be their only post. It is pretty annoying to all forum owners.

If you plan to do anything like this, Don’t!!! Just do it the smart way. Follow forum rules. Get used to the forum members. Discuss something with them. And then IF they allow advertisements, you can go ahead and advertise. Always give a brief description because just a link will flag you as a spammer in most forums. Also those guys with the MP3 and other stupid links, they get banned all over the place, their site name just gets a horrible reputation in more and more forums because of their stupidity. Don’t be like them, play it smart and play it fair.

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