Google Dance – What is it?

What is the Google dance? Google dance is when you see some of the Google data centers change the PR or Page Rank of any web page. Now people have claimed that the Google dance has started a few weeks back and until a few days ago I didn’t believe it. I have not seen changes in any of my websites, any of the regular websites I visit, or any of my friend’s websites. Just a few days ago before I moved, I have seen just ONE site show changes and it dropped from a PR2 to a PR1. I will not list the link just in case the owner does not want me to release it.

Google is supposedly dancing as we speak right now. Changing very slowly and to me, it is too slow for words. Google usually updates its Page Rank at the end of the month and right now, it is the beginning of August. I have kept track of the past 3 updates and they all occurred within the last week of the given month. Last one was at the end of April. This current one is scheduled for the end of July. Well the end of July is what many, many webmasters have predicted along with myself. But I guess we all were wrong.

Google’s dance is always different from one update to the next. Almost every update the algorithm is different to determine PR. To explain, this is what I mean. Lets say one update you need 5,000 back links to get a PR2. The next update you will need 6,000 for the same PR2. Then after that you will need 2,000 back links. This is the other type of Google Dance and it is different almost everytime. Remember the higher the PR you need, the tougher it is to get.

Well this is all I have to say about Google’s slow dance skills for this update. Hope you enjoyed reading. Good luck!

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