Managing Several Websites

Some people have more than one website to manage and they do a pretty well job managing them all at the same time. I happen to be one with more than one site of course. I have over a dozen websites. Yes a dozen. I don’t really get to update all of them at the same time. Out of about 6 blogs I update or try to update about 3 of them daily. The others I get to when I have the chance.

Managing several sites takes skills and shows just how well you can manage your time. If you can do it well enough you can manage a dozen sites unlike me which I can actually update about 6 or 7 a day at maximum. My full effort goes into my forum of course. So always think about which site matters to you mose and which you want to give most of your attention to. And use the rest of your time and spread it to your smaller sites. It always works out, trust me.

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