PPC Stands for Pay Per Click and there are a few programs out there that will help you get visitors where you pay per click to your site. Google Adwords happen to be the most famous and best one in my opinion. Yahoo Search Marketing is the second most well known one followed by MSN AdCenter. I have so far tried out Google Adwords and Yahoo Search Marketing and used about the same amount of money. I will tell you that Google brought in a lot more targetted traffic than yahoo.

With Yahoo I had to spend extra money to get even close to getting the same amount of targetted visitors Google Adwords were sending me. Unfortunately I have never had the pleasure of trying out MSN Adcenter to tell you how that goes. But I will assume it isn’t that great since you don’t hear about it much and not many use the MSN Search Engine. If you want to get some visitors to your site, PPC is probably your best bet.

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