Yahoo’s Backlink Jumps

Yahoo is a search engine just like Google and it is much older and has a bit more reputation. But still, it is a smaller company than Google. It isn’t very far though. It is one of the few websites that has a Page Rank of 10. Google is also another that has a Page Rank of 10. If some of you webmasters have noticed in the past few days, backlinks on yahoo are jumping up and down.

Here is an example, one day my forum had over 18,000 total backlinks. The next day, it shows less than 5,000 backlinks. I was shocked but I thought I’d wait it out anyway. The day after, backlinks went above 22,000. Well my point is, it doesn’t really matter about the backlink numbers, just know that all search engines have those numbers jumping up and down. This is just a warning for you webmasters so you won’t worry too much.

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