Yahoo’s Index Rates

People always argue that Google is the alltime best search engine in the world. Well I am not here to argue with that but I am here to talk about another huge search engine people tend to overlook for some reason. People don’t think that Yahoo! Search Engine is really that good but have you ever compared the search results of both Google and Yahoo? Yahoo seems to return more results and sometimes, the more results can mean that you found what you were looking for. Google tends to narrow down the search results on just a few sites.

Yahoo’s search results are good because the yahoo bots are more lively and they tend to Index a lot more pages from a site. By index I mean they enter it into the search engine so when you search a certain keyword, that site has a chance of coming up for that keyword. I have seen that with more than a few sites because yahoo returns about 3 or 4 times more backlink results than google ever has for me. Just a little tip for the next time you search.

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