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Armand Rousso Response to NYT story

Armand Rousso responds to Saul Hansell’s story titled “Misgivings Spoil Plans of Start-Up”. He says that Hansell’s story was totally irrelevant and disturbingly wrong. Now tell me this, if you were told to write a story about the Sun, will you write it about the moon? No of course not because you can lose your job and you will be seen as unprofessional by many. Armand Rousso response to NYT story by Saul Hansell has made me realize that Hansell is not that great of a person.

Now I believe that everyone deserves a second chance and even some deserve a third chance. Hansell’s response was that, you do not get a second chance no matter how much you have done to pay off your debt or serve your punishment. Usually if you see anyone working hard to show others that he or she deserves a second chance, you give it to them. But Hansell’s beliefs are something I don’t agree on. Armand Rousso was right to respond back in the way that he did.

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As you may already know, Hollywood is the name that pops to most people’s mind when you think about movies, actors, or famous music artists. I know it pops up in my head. Hollywood, California is a very popular place and you will see thousands of tourists daily. There are also many Hollywood Tours services around which will take you around the city and some even have access into the studios. Wouldn’t it be cool to meet some popular and well known celebrities?

I have a few friends in the California area. All over California really, in Los Angeles, Hollywood, San Diego, and more. And California is one of the many states I havent visited yet and yes, this state is on my “have to visit” list. I haven’t been anywhere on any of the western states in the United States. So I do plan to go there later and I’ve been checking out some info about tours and some popular tourist attractions around there. If you plan to go there just have everything planned out and make sure you bring enough money to enjoy yourself. Check out Hollywood if you are there, always nice to meet some celebrities even if they aren’t your favorite.

Projectors for Presentation

You probably have seen people give business presentations in front of their colleagues via a type of projector. provides rentals for any type of presentation or projector usage. They have branches all over the country and they will ship almost anywhere in the United States via FedEx. Their Charleston West Virginia Projector Rental is one of the main points where your projectors will come from.

Doing a presentation in front of your bosses and co-workers from time to time to share your ideas and thoughts give them an impression that you are very professional and educated enough to do something like that. I just started college today and about two out of the three teachers gave a presentation on an overhead projector. This is nothing new to society but it really helps your audience see the picture in an easier way. Next time you give a prestentation of any kind, think about doing it with a projector.

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Music Offers

Ever wonder where you can get free music or even free music trials online? gives you reviews and information on where you can always find the best music offers all over the internet. Get information on whether the service is free or paid and they always post the cheapest services around. Get information on offers provided, sign up, and when your trial period or subscription ends, find the next offer listed on music offers.

Read a whole article about which of the online music services offers free trials. Get information about Napster, Real, and Yahoo! Music. And if you are a big enough music fan and your favorite band or artist is performing near you, provides you information on where you can find your tickets online for a lot cheaper than going to the stadium and waiting on line. If you are about music and especially free music, check out

Keeping Your Child Safe

Defywire is a company with the goal to keep students safe and teachers teaching. They provide tips and information on how you can keep track of where your children are and know where you can find them and get in touch with them in times of emergency.

Since school starts for most students in a few days or so, Defywire provides a school safety checklist. It gives tips on having someone out of town to get your child in case you cannot get to him or her to having keywords that represent whole sentences to whole paragraph. One smart thing I agree with this is go to your child’s Parent Teacher Association Meetings. These meetings give tips and even access into the school to practice safety evacuations and how to get a hold of your child in emergencies. More information can be found on the Defywire website if you are interested in protecting your child.

Limp Bizkit – Rollin’

I’ve been posting Linkin Park music videos for a while and now I thought I’d skid over and show you some videos from Limp Bizkit. They haven’t brought out an album in a few years but they still have some pretty good and catchy songs. The one below is titled “Rollin’” from their album Chocolate Starfish and this was one of my favorite songs at one time. Enjoy the song as much as I have!

Work Wear

Most work places will require you to wear certain type of work wear or equipment. I worked at a library at one point of my life and I had to wear a t-shirt provided by the library and valid work shoes. What I mean by work shoes is sneakers and work boots were allowed. No high heels for anyone and must wear appropriate clothing. Cannot show excessive skin or get fired.

If you get a decent job at an office, will you wear shorts and a t-shirt to work? Of course not! You will wear a shirt, pair of slacks, and nice shoes. You want to be noticed but not laughed at. Wearing professional attire such as a suit will make you look professional and let everyone else know that you mean business. Places like metboots offers some good footwear for wherever you want to work. Whether it’s in an office or in a bowling alley, they have what you need with free shipping over $100 purchase. You can look at men’s warehouse for suits and nice shirts and slacks. Just go around and pick out what fits the job description. Good luck!

Spy Equipment Review

Ever wonder how you can get a hold of those items you see on tv used by those spies and agents working for the government or a secret organization? Believe it or not, you can find these gadgets at your local tech store or on the internet. But how would you know if this is the right equipment for you or if the item is legit? Spy Review offers you reviews on these gadgets and how they are used. From the description you will know what they do and from there you know what the item is called and if a picture is available, you know how it looks.

They offer names and links to spy books where you can learn about the different security and surveillance equipments and gadgets. They contain direct links to amazon so you won’t have to search for the item. Also you can get a hold of their archive of spy articles dating as far back as April of 2006. Just think of the security knowledge you will have to take down enemies but most of all, have fun with it. I am one of those tech guys who loves new equipment and gadgets. Spy gadgets are something I’ve always liked to use. My favorite is any spy camera with motion sensors. Check out Spy Review when you can to get more information about these gadgets. Good luck!

Investing in Real Estate

Real Estate is a great market to invest your money. The price of real estate property is increasing exponentially in different parts of the country such as here in New York. People tend to do real estate investing in parts of the country where they know the price will increase and later on when they sell the property, they will make a lot of money.

Although I have not purchased any property yet, I have family members, including my parents, who have invested in real estate and it has paid off becaues the market value of the property has increased more than expected in the past few years. There is a news letter called the REIClub newsletter that informs its members about the current real estate market, upcoming seminars, advice, tips, and resources. These are all useful if you are new to real estate investments and there are still a lot to learn if you have experience in this field.

Taking your money to invest in real estate can be one of the best decisions you’ve ever made. I do plan to buy some sort of real estate when I grow older and have the money to invest. Of course, that’s all after college and graduate school. I want to see how well I do with this new field and if its anytime soon, I’ll keep you guys informed.

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Linkin Park – What I’ve Done

This is their first video from Linkin Park’s newest album Minutes to Midnight titled “What I’ve Done.” It was directed by Mr. Hahn who is the DJ in Linkin Park and the music is great, the lyrics are catchy, and the video is awesome. Good effects and shows truth around the world. Enjoy the video as much as I have!

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